“I really enjoyed working with Harish during this coaching process. I liked his style of not handing down solutions. He led me to search for my own solutions by asking me appropriate questions along the way. “Thanks to Harish’s coaching abilities and patience, now I not only have some ideas on how to improve my leadership abilities but have also made significant improvements to my confidence in my own abilities to steer my future.”

Principal Architect, Intel inc.

“I greatly benefited from your coaching sessions. It is good to have at least 2 face to face discussions as it adds a lot of value when you discuss with someone you see. What is really liked about the sessions are:

You were non judgmental
You would provide insight and make me look at the issue outside “myself” and outside the box. I was able to appreciate the fact that whatever I do, there are 2 parties involved and it is good to consider the other person’s needs and situation.
You were patient and provided guidance on how I could improve in my weak areas
You are very good listener, you are knowledge and have high capabilities of understanding the coachee’s situation.

Most import of all, I felt a great relief and appreciated the time knowing that I am speaking to someone who is going to provide change or something new to me.
Like I told you before, I wish we had more time. You are someone I would like to continue consulting, someone who would be able to help me realize my development needs.”

Program Director, MSI, Uganda

“Thanks so much for our coaching sessions these last few months. They have been really helpful and I’ve made a lot of progress on my goals. Besides keeping me on track every month and listening well, I appreciated how you asked me to look at potential barriers and sustainers of my progress for each development goal. It’s the kind of thing which may seem obvious, but once you have to talk about it, you realise it’s not, and that by not dealing with certain things, you could lose effectiveness. What I really hope you continue in your coaching is considering the personal side as well as the professional of your coachees. I greatly appreciated that you had me turn my biggest personal concern into a goal and that you supported my personal issues throughout the process, in a way that enhanced my professional goals.”

Regional Director, MSI, UK.

“I was selected for Coaching to improve my strategic leadership skills for shouldering higher responsibilities. Based on my concurrence, Mr. Harish Devarajan, Leadership Coach, People Unlimited, Bangalore was appointed as my Coach.

The Coaching engagement with Harish lasted for 7 months (March – October, 2011) and during this period we had regular interactions. The initial interactions were face to face and then we kept interacting over the telephone.

I found this Coaching engagement to be of great value and it has immensely helped me in my development. I found Harish to be an ideal resource who helped me to understand the context, reflect deeply and respond with a focused action plan.

Harish was very methodical in his approach, practical in his challenges and sensitive to my situation. During the discussions he always remained calm, listened carefully and guided me appropriately with the help of his insightful questions.

Thanks to the Coaching, I was able to gain so much in such short time and most importantly make some significant and fundamental changes to my approach which has given me the confidence to face the future. ”

President – Large Scale Mining Company, Aditya Birla Group.

“Dear Harish,

I wanted to thank you for all your coaching and mentorship over the last year as my executive coach. I really appreciated your approach in helping me introspect on me as a person. It helped me get a new perspective and look at things in a different way. Your guidance along the way in thinking about different ways of building some of my capabilities / skills and modifying my behavior was very valuable.

What I really liked about your approach was it was not at all prescriptive but more focused on getting me to find a solution for myself. You acted more as a bouncing board for me and that helped me clarify my thinking and come up with the solution. You challenged me and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. As you have heard from my country head, the results have been create and have helped me create greater impact.

Thanks for all your help and support.”

Portfolio Delivery Head, Sapient Nitro

“Harish Devarajan has been working with me for over a year now as my Coach. During this period, he systematically took me through a process of self discovery, followed by action on personal growth. I found his approach quite exhaustive and very objective. An avid listener, Harish went through all my thoughts during the sessions, expertly guiding the discussions towards greater and clearer understanding. He also guided me to towards positive change with action plans and reviews. I felt a direct impact of his work on me during the recent launch of our latest innovation . I could push myself to explore much more than I would have otherwise done. Harish has made a very positive influence on me as a professional..”

COO-Tailored Clothing & Sportswear Division, Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd.

“I had the opportunity to be coached by Harish for almost a year – and it has been an enriching experience. Not only has it helped me improve (from an outcome perspective) on the 2 opportunity areas that we selected but also the journey with Harish has helped me imbibe some ‘good practices’ of mentoring my team.

Harish’s style and approach centers on the fact that the coachee owns the opportunity and its closure – while Harish provides strong situational references for introspection and also elicits potential options for consideration. Harish is an excellent listener but at no point does he sympathize or try and co-own the opportunity. In my opinion, this is the ideal way for the coachee, if he/she is committed, to really carve out and work on a plan that will lead to sequential improvement.

I am very appreciative of the benefit that I have experienced in working closely with Harish and I would love to engage with him again.

Thank-you Harish! ”

Global Head – BFSI BPO, WIPRO Technologies

“I was fortunate and privileged to have you as my Coach. During the leadership journey, the entire Coaching experience was eye opener and provided great learning, knowledge and awareness. Each session out of 6 monthly communications with you was life time experience which I would never forget.

The Coaching session helped me in the identification of Critical areas of development and then I could work to develop the same. You helped me in preparation of specific time bound action plan and provided guidance and follow ups to facilitate the actions. Your approach was very down to earth. During the coaching process, you listened to each and every aspect very carefully, probed for solutions or alternatives and then made me choose the most suitable solution.

The experience has brought about a turnaround in my vision, thinking, approach and direction and I am confident that with hard work, dedication and commitment, I would be able to achieve the dream position very soon. I am thankful to you for guiding my leadership journey towards success.”

Joint President – F&C and Aggregates Business, Ultra Tech Cement Limited

“Thanks Harish, for your guidance. I see this as a very important exercise for me personally and I have enormously gained from it. Appreciate every bit of your advice.

Your style is non-intrusive and helped me identify opportunities for improvement without feeling vulnerable. Also, you never came across as prescriptive at any stage of our discussion and made me create my own plan of action. I found you as a mentor and was very comfortable with the whole process. ”

Vertical head – Medical Devices & Services, WIPRO Technologies

“I have had 6 sessions of coaching with you but I got to know the count
only when I asked you . It has been such an enjoyable and fruitful experience
that I never realised that 6 sessions have passed.

I have always been bouncing off my learning and development plans and
concerns with my wife but it has been more of a one way communication
with lot of emotional and moral support . When I started the interaction with
you I felt that now I could also get some direction , you challenged my thinking
but in a very non intrusive way and made me realise what I could do better to
meet my career goals and objectives . You helped me clear lot of grey areas and
false perceptions which added lot of energy and focus in my journey .

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish that you continue
to make a difference to people’s life’s.”

Sr, Vice President – Sales, Madura Garments

“Dear Harish,

It has been a wonderful journey for me, to be working with you on this specific assignment. When it was first suggested to me to take on a coach for my self improvement, I was rather sceptical about the process. After my first meeting I was confident that this is worth my time. Your approach was simple, uncomplicated, and non-judgemental, inclined more towards assisting in self assessment. This helped me understand my weaknesses on my own and therefore the clarity of what must be done was also forth coming from within me, rather than by another person. I believe this is the essence of success in your method, when a person creates a template for self improvement on his own. This was facilitated by you and I thank you for this.

The other notable point is the lack of a formal process. You were available any time to discuss anything that was important (and also not so important) a confidante, a silent listener. This made you approachable and hence easy to speak to and open up. By simply asking me the right questions, you left me searching for the answers. The answers had to be sought on my own as only we know the position and context we are in.

Once again, Harish, I greatly appreciate your support over the last two years. The impact it has had on me is immense and will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life.”

CEO Kancor Ingredients Ltd.


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Harish has more than 29 years of experience in the corporate and consulting sectors. He started his professional career with TVS Sundram Fasteners Ltd. in 1985, and then in 1989 joined Hindustan Lever Ltd., India’s leading multi-national company.

D Harish,
Leadership Consultant