“RAAGA” Model

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is about providing customised one on one support to executives who wish to make a transition to a more effective style of leadership.It begins with the premise that the concerned individual is keen to improve his/her leadership effectiveness. The partnership with the Coach has to be founded on a strong commitment from the Coachee to work on his behaviour and style.”RAAGAA” Model is a Coaching approach that has been designed by Harish. The model (outlined above) is a six stage process which helps to engage the Coachee in a meaningful fashion. This Model is called the “RAAGAA “ model of Coaching. In Indian Classical music “RAAGAA” is a melody mould or an aesthetic entity that has its unique tonal personality that can be recognized by a trained ear. This is the spine around which Indian Classical music is built and developed.

I have deliberately chosen “RAAGAA” as the name for my Coaching Model since I see a lot of similarities between the Coaching process and Indian Classical Music form. In both these there is great scope for creative adaptation and execution for excellent results albeit within the framework of accepted and pristine standards.

RAAGAA is used as an acronym which represents the six key stages of the Coaching process that is adopted in the engagement with the Coachee.

Relationship is the foundation on which the entire engagement develops. While this is the first stage it is also an often revisited stage. The Relationship between the Coach and the Coachee needs to be nurtured and strengthened on a continuous basis.

Aspiration is the stage where the client articulates the vision which motivates him / her to engage and continue in the coaching relationship. Throughout the Coaching journey, one needs to ensure that the aspiration is intact.

Assessment is the stage of creating a holistic and deeper level of awareness of the self. This is a starting point for development and a stage that one may revisit to ascertain progress made. It relies on some deep self reflection based on inputs from 360 degree feedback provided by an identified set of seniors, peers, subordinates and clients as also results of diagnostics using behavioural and leadership assessment tools / instruments. 360 degree feedback seeks input for the coachee from people at all levels in the organisation who are willing to help improve the coachee’s awareness of their behaviour and impact of their actions.

Goal Setting is the stage where one zeroes in on the exact needs and expectations. This is a key stage in the Executive Coaching space.

Action Planning & Review is the core of the engagement and is the stage where much creativity and appropriate intervention is called for.

Achievement & Recognitionis the moment of reckoning when the aspiration is realized and celebration is called for.

Through Coaching we help leaders clarify their vision, improve their personal contribution, reconnect with their people and build high performing teams. The ultimate goal is to build the capacityfor personal reflection and learning in the coachee enabling him/her to be successful in their professional lives.


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Harish has more than 3 decades of experience in the corporate and consulting sectors. He started his professional career with TVS Sundram Fasteners Ltd. in 1985, and then in 1989 joined Hindustan Lever Ltd., India’s leading multi-national company.

D Harish,
Leadership Consultant