Gayatri Krishnamurthy

After graduating from XLRI, Gayatri has worked for more than 2 decades in the corporate sector and the education sector in a mix of organisations which included the public sectors, small enterprises and MNCs.

She has been involved in various roles as Personnel officer, trainer, profit centre head etc. She has had full time positions in companies like CMC, John Brown Engineering India, and Mafoi Management Consultants etc. Some of her consultancy assignments have been with companies such as Madura Coats, Mportal and Unilever.

Gayatri has designed and conducted Development  Centers based on Managerial competencies with multiple modules which included a training module for internal assessors.  She has vast experience in the area of assessing and choosing tests and in conducting   Psychometric testing particularly as part of Developmental work. Her other areas of professional interests  include Creativity modules based on concepts like Six Hats of Thinking, Assessment of Blocks to Creativity.

A particular area on interest and strength are exploratory and investigative surveys. Being at heart a student of Statistics, has been involved in several organisational studies in areas like n HR Climate, Appraisals, customer awareness etc.

Gayatri is a Reiki grandmaster and has an abiding interest in holistic well being. She is is married to Krish, a veteran computer professional, and has a son Karthik, who is studying engineering.


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Harish has more than 29 years of experience in the corporate and consulting sectors. He started his professional career with TVS Sundram Fasteners Ltd. in 1985, and then in 1989 joined Hindustan Lever Ltd., India’s leading multi-national company.

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