Organisation Transformation


The numerous cases of organisation success that do not last or the frustration of entrepreneurs / business leaders on account of their well meaning efforts not having the intended results are explainable. Organisation Performance is not a linear but a quadratic equation!

Organisation is a complex and quagmire of inter-related multiple wheels and levers. Sustained Organisation success requires a proper understanding of the various cog wheels that are linked together in the scheme of things and also the consequent effect of the movement and changes in each of these individual parts.

Some of the main aspects of Organisation that need attention and appropriate intervention are strategy, structure, systems, shared values, skills, style, staff (as outlined by Mckinsey 7S Model). When you intervene in any one of these aspects it is never an isolated result. It invariably has effect in other parts of the Organisation and more importantly its efficacy is best when the reinforcement is provided from all related sides.

The focus of enhancing Organisation Performance has to therefore be a wholistic approach starting with a diagnostics to assess the health of the whole system in juxtaposition with the vision and goals of the organization. Based on the assessment one then can determine what kind of modifications are required – structural, systemic or strategic. The reinforcing elements (talent, leadership, capabilities and values) have to also be addressed to ensure that the impact is complete and effective.

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D Harish,
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